An empty hanger isn’t about emptiness, it’s about endless possibilities, mystery and intrigue. An empty hanger stands out in a closet full of clothes. It means someone made a conscious decision to wear the garment missing from the hanger. That choice results in a ripple effect greater than most even realize.”

~Hélène Biandudi Hofer, Journalist & Creator of The Empty Hanger

The Empty Hanger is an engaging multimedia project that pulls back the many layers of a mysterious world that has connected humanity since the beginning of time: the world of clothing. This series uncovers the fascinating, misunderstood, perplexing, profound and often overlooked meanings of dress. Clothing impacts each one of us, even the skeptics.

The Empty Hanger shows how and why clothes matter. Politics, religion, entertainment, history, education, sports, race, and culture all have a unique common thread: clothing. This ambitious series will challenge and expand how consumers view fashion, clothing choices and everyday dress by examining the varying degrees in which they influence our respective cultures, our actions, and our lives. How can a universal item cause demoralization and corruption on one hand and serve as a tool for systemic, social change on the other?

This project doesn’t only investigate the stories “behind the seams” of particular clothing items, trends, and movements. It also examines why people choose to pull certain articles of clothing off the hanger and the ripple effect of those choices felt around the globe.

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