Rediscovering Yourself Through Eyeglasses

An UNCOVERING TRENDS interview with Tamra Asmuth, owner of One Hip Chic.

By: Jordyn Larkins

Q: If I was here to buy a pair of glasses or sunglasses, how would you start that process with me?

A: The first thing I would do is just have a conversation with you, and it is for two reasons. First of all, just to get to know you. Who you are, what your story is, who you are in this world and maybe what you want to tell the world about yourself. But it’s also so that I can kind of take in your vibe and also your skin, your complexion, your skin tone, the depth of your complexion, the shape of your face, the size of your face, and even right now while I’m talking to you, I’m mentally putting frames on you… and I always say to people, I can suggest things based on your complexion, your skin color, the size and shape of your face, but it still…has to really perfectly represent you. That’s really important. So, getting to know you that’s a big thing.


Q: You mentioned, as you were looking at me, that you’re thinking of some pairs. Can you describe what those look like a little bit?

A: Yes, there’s a thin metal frame that I have here that’s angular and it’s white, and I would love to see that, I think it would be a beautiful pop of color on you.


Q: I emailed you a little bit before this interview, specifically about large frame glasses and the super vintage, slim, cat-eye type glasses….what kind of person would you recommend those styles to? 

A: A really large frame I would recommend to someone with a really large face….I don’t just look at the face, I look at the width of the shoulders, a person’s stature. So, if you can imagine, a petite woman with narrow shoulders, a smaller face, and she wants a really large frame. If she puts that really large frame on, she’s going to look like a child trying on mom’s glasses. Proportionately, it doesn’t work with her face or her body, so that wouldn’t work. So, a large frame I would put on a larger face.


Q: And thinner, more narrow frames, would that be for that petite person, or could a larger frame person pull off the thinner look?

A: No, it’s going the other way now. If you have a larger person putting on a small frame it’ going to make them look large, because they’re putting on something that’s too small. It’s just going to accentuate the width of their shoulders or the width of their face.


Q: Why do you think certain styles return over generations? Certain styles of glasses, like I see those that you have over there that are kind of circular and then they edge out…That’s something that’s kind of vintage. That’s not something that I would consider super modern, it’s something that’s returning from past generations, why do you think certain styles like that return?

A: I feel with clothing, glasses, everything, it’s something you haven’t lived through yet. The current generation that’s setting a trend, it’s something that they haven’t experienced yet. And I don’t feel like those vintage styles come back and they’re exactly as they were before, it’s that vintage style with a modern twist. We’re just taking cues from that and making it for the current generation. But again, it’s because it hasn’t been experienced yet, people want something different. They want change and that’s something they haven’t seen.


Q: On your website, I read the What I love about my business [section] and you mentioned: “rediscovering the love of reading or rediscovering oneself.” That made me curious about can glasses actually help someone rediscover themselves? 

A: 100%. I’ll just give you an example, not a specific person, but a story that I’ve heard a lot of times. A woman, maybe it’s a career change, or her children have moved out of the house. Maybe she’s going through a divorce. Maybe she’s decided to go back to school and so she comes in and we talk about that and we choose a pair of glasses. Again, that’s telling the story of where her next chapter is. A lot of times after those big life changes it is about rediscovering yourself. Who am I now or let me go back to who I was before; I kind of lost sight of it. So the glasses represent that.

I promise my customers – and I could call so many people right now and they would say it’s true – when you get a pair of glasses and it’s just right for you – it’s the right color, shape, size, you feel comfortable in it and you’re wearing it, you will get a compliment every single time you’re out in the world in those glasses. That makes people feel good and that makes them blossom. They’re standing up straighter, they’re smiling, they’re happy with themselves and I think it engages them with the world more and that’s part of rediscovering yourself — is just engaging with people in conversations. So, it’s so multifaceted, there [are] so many layers to it.


This Q&A interview has been shortened.

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