Profiles of Dress with Scarleth Nightingale | Faith & Beauty Vlogger

By: Kadiyah Lodge

Profiles of Dress is a journey through the lives of fascinating people who believe in the power of dress and who let their clothing speak for themselves.

Q: Who is Scarleth Nightingale? Tell folks who you are & what you do.

A: I am from Miami, Florida and I am a YouTuber.


Q: We love different perspectives on personal style and expression, like this one:

“The joy of dressing is an art.” —John Galliano

Do you agree or disagree and why?

A: I agree. I believe that one’s personal style is a form of expression. Everyone’s style is different, which makes it unique and one-of-a-kind. The way one expresses themselves is a form of art whether it’s in speech or in action or the way we dress.


Q: How do you believe clothing can help change one’s perceptions of themselves and others?

A: The clothing that one wears can change one’s mood, attitude, and the outlook for the day ahead. And in doing so, others will benefit from our positive…mood….what you wear really determines our attitude towards the day. I really think what one wears either can make your day or break your day.


Q: If you could go back in time, what style advice would you give your younger self and why?

A: The biggest style advice that I would give my younger self would be to take more risks and not be afraid of what other people thought about my style or what I chose to wear.


Q: In what ways do you believe art, music, and the world of entertainment in general, informs or inspires the clothing choices you make? And, what do those choices say about you and the story you’re sharing with the world?

A: Growing up, I looked up to Selena and TLC. Selena was a huge inspiration in my life growing up. She was someone who took risks – a woman who made fashion her own. TLC was a group of girls that rocked anything that they put on themselves. Their confidence and ability to wear whatever they wanted really inspired me to do the same. I believe that art, music and the world of entertainment today is inspiring and motivating the next generation by owning their looks, taking risks and feeling confident in representing who they are with what they wear.


Q: What is the best piece of fashion and style advice you’ve received that’s too good not to share with the world? In what ways has this advice been invaluable to you?

A: The best piece of fashion advice that I have ever received comes down to two simple words: own it. Once you own your look, your style, and your sense of fashion, then you are owning who you are and you can live your life authentically and unapologetically.

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