Profiles of Dress with Kerry-Ann Watson | Student

By: Kadiyah Lodge

Profiles of Dress is a journey through the lives of fascinating people who believe in the power of dress and who let their clothing speak for themselves.


Q: We love different perspectives on personal style and expression, like this one:

“What’s becoming very obvious to me is that fashion is art.” — Lupita Nyong’o

Do you agree or disagree and why?

A: Yes, I do agree with the quote. Fashion is very expressive and art is expressive. The way you dress is expressing how you feel, your mood, your personality and it shows in the outfits you put on. Not only are you expressing yourself, but it advertises the creative talent you portray on an everyday basis. You capture many eyes for your keen detailed look with colors or by just putting pieces together. [The way you dress] is like figuring out how to solve a puzzle and being confident in the pieces you put together. That’s why I agree that fashion is art. 


Q: Reflecting back to your years as an adolescent, who were some of the individuals you looked up to in terms of developing a wardrobe that represents who you were as a young person? What elements, if any, from your adolescent years, capture the essence of who you are and your sense of style today?

A: I was mostly influenced by my dad. I loved his style and I loved what he picked out for himself; he was the first person to introduce me to Chelsea boots when everyone else was just wearing sneakers at the time. While I lived in Florida when I was younger, my dad would send me boxes of clothes: jackets, blouses, pants, trousers etc., and more. That’s where I got my fashion sense from…Most trends are introduced in New York before it went down south, so I was the cool kid in school wearing the trendy clothes then months later everyone would start wearing what I already had. Knowing different styles from early on really shaped my eye for fashion.


Q: If you could go back in time, what style advice would you give your younger self and why?

A: I would probably say: “Go with what you feel.” If I could go back in time I would tell myself to wear and dress however you want because fashion is a representation of yourself. I used to try and fit in with everyone else until the day I realized that trying to fit in is basic. No matter what anyone has to say about your style, be yourself. That’s all that matters.


Q: In what ways do you believe art, music, and the world of entertainment in general, informs or inspires the clothing choices you make?

A: I’d say like music nowadays portrays females to dress or act a certain way. The way females dress in the world of entertainment really sets the trend. It’s like you want to be like that girl in the music video wearing the pink robe with lingerie or in the painting because they make it look good and everyone loves it and if its the topic of discussion, you would want to look like that too! 


Q: And, what do those choices say about you and the story you’re sharing with the world?

A: When it comes to looking for outfit choices in the world of entertainment, I like to choose hidden gems, things people don’t really notice. It may be the color scheme of the outfit in a music video or in the painting that really attracts me. I just want to show the world that you can [be] trendy and have your own sense of creativity on top of that. Don’t just see something you like and try to recreate something that looks the same. Recreate it and make your own twist to it.


Q: What is the best piece of fashion and style advice you’ve received that’s too good not to share with the world? In what ways has this advice been invaluable to you?

A: Own your look. The confidence in the person is what really makes the outfit. [By] just going with what I feel has really made me more confident. I’ve gotten a lot of stares, not because of what I was wearing, but because of how confident [I felt] when I wore my outfit. That advice has always stuck with me and it’s true. 


Q: True or False: Wearing an outfit you feel great in impacts how you operate throughout the day.

A: That is so true. If you’re wearing an outfit you love, you will want everyone to see it. Your spirits are high, you’re way more social and it makes you so happy to know that you look good. That makes you feel 10x better.

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