Profiles of Dress with Ethony Anthony Lodge | Artist & Robot Operator

By: Kadiyah Lodge

Profiles of Dress is a journey through the lives of fascinating people who believe in the power of dress and who let their clothing speak for themselves. In this Valentine’s Day edition of POD, Kadiyah Lodge has a few style questions for her husband, Ethony.


Q: When you get dressed every morning, what types of thoughts and questions go through your head when deciding what to wear?

A: First, I always look at the weather. Then, I have to keep in mind who I’m meeting for the day and also, I’ll look at the activities I have to engage in. If I’m going to work—because of the type of environment I’m in, I’m dressing down.


Q: We love different perspectives on personal style and expression, like this one:

“Shoes transform your body language and attitude. They lift you physically and emotionally.” —Christian Louboutin

Do you agree or disagree and why?

A: I agree, to some extent. It [shoes] lifts you up, physically. I don’t wear high heels, but I can imagine when a female puts on a pair of high heels that those shoes may boost her mood or her enthusiasm.


Q: How do you believe clothing can help change one’s perceptions of themselves and others?

A: Yes. For instance, if you’re wearing a suit and you’re in an environment where people aren’t really wearing suits—you’re going to stand out and you might get that confidence, that high self-esteem because now, all eyes are on you. The same notion occurs if you’re around people that are wearing suits, you blend in. You feel like you belong.


Q: Reflecting back to your years as an adolescent, who were some of the individuals you looked up to in terms of developing a wardrobe that represents who you were as a young person? What elements, if any, from your adolescent years capture the essence of who you are and your sense of style today?

A: I would say the entertainers of my time, mainly Hip Hop artists like Heavy D, KRS One, and Chuck D. The fact that I wanted (we all wanted to) emulate these entertainers and how they dressed. At 13, I found myself buying silk short sets and leather shoes. And still today, I’ve replaced the short sets with suits, dress shirts, slacks and a nice pair of jeans.


Q: If you could go back in time, what style advice would you give your younger self and why?

A: Style advice? I wouldn’t change anything. I think I’ve got it on point.


Q: In what ways do you believe art, music, and the world of entertainment in general, informs or inspires the clothing choices you make? And, what do those choices say about you and the story you’re sharing with the world?

A: Like I said before, looking up to Hip Hop artists, who were known to be the most fashionable and have access to the latest style. They were marketing tools back then and even now. That’s what people do, men and women, they look at entertainers and what they’re wearing. Me, I already found my dress code.


Q: What is the best piece of fashion and style advice you’ve received that’s too good not to share with the world? In what ways has this advice been invaluable to you?

A: Be original. It’s okay, when you’re young, to emulate or even duplicate. But as you get older, you want to find your own style, you’re own type of following, so to speak. Basically, you want to have your own blueprint.


Q: True or False: Wearing an outfit you feel great in impacts how you operate throughout the day.

A: Of course, it’s true! If you’re wearing what you think will change the world, you’re gonna feel good.

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